Essential Leadership Skills

9:30am to 4:30pm (both days)

All Staff
Day 1 - 360Leadership, Lead yourself to lead others

Course Overview:
Organisations thrive when their people can not only manage the business requirements of their roles, but also provide leadership to the people in their teams. Managers are often promoted into decision-making positions with little education in leadership and therefore the management team can become uneven, producing fluctuating rates of success for staff performance. The purpose of this course is to show you how to lead yourself, so that you can also successfully apply your learning in order to lead others

In this course you will learn:
    - What great leadership looks like
    - What is needed for it to thrive?
    - The four levels of leadership
    - Developing Emotional Intelligence
    - The foundations of developing your team

The benefits of self-leadership will manifest both in personal and professional areas. It will help bring both discipline and humanity to the job of leadership and work by acknowledging challenges and realising that while systems and processes are important, the emotional nourishment of the people responsible for those systems and processes will produce even better qualitative outcomes for the individual and the organisation.

Day 2 - Powerful Presentations

Course Overview:
The fear of public speaking is quoted time and again amongst the top three fears of human beings. It could be that we fear being judged, of not getting our stuff ‘right’ and of appearing somehow ‘less’ or unworthy in the face of our peers. Despite these fears, the demands of our professional lives dictate that we are able and competent at delivering information to groups and we need to do it engagingly, effectively and efficiently. With this course you will learn to ditch the fear and gain some cutting edge skills that will allow your message – and you – to shine.

In this course you will learn:
    - How to stand for ultimate confidence
    - How to find your voice
    - Ways of defining and delivering your message
    - Making the right moves to emphasise your points
    - Owning the stage

In addition there will be tips and tricks from the worlds of comedy and theatre, advice on breathing, posture and format, and a huge element of fun. Leave what you already know of public speaking at the door and come inside ready to learn a new way to impress your audience

Maggie Wood of Elegant Concepts Group.
Maggie has spent 25 years in Corporate Communications Management in local and regional government, membership organisations and the private sector. She’s also spent an equal amount of time in theatre and comedy, collecting a few award nominations and a win (Adelaide Fringe People’s Choice Award 1977 as co-originator, producer, writer and performer of comedy show Titters!). She is an accredited Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Trainer, and is currently studying for Master Practitioner status in Personal and Business Coaching.
Maggie combines all of her disciplines to deliver training that is upbeat, fun and inspiring. Her aim is that you leave the training room with some great tools that you can implement immediately and that you feel happy and confident in being the architect of your personal and professional future.