Module 1 - Introduction to Local Government (On-line)

Duration: Up to 1.5 hours
Investment: $240 incl GST. Group discounts can be found here.
Delivery: On-line



Target Audience

Elected Members



By completing this mandatory training module, Council Members will gain an understanding of the Australian System of Government and the composition, structure and operational functions of Councils in South Australia.


Key Learnings

This 1.5 hour video covers the following information:
The Australian System of Government
  • The three spheres of government and their functions
  • Relationships between the three spheres of government

Roles and Functions of Local Government
  • Roles, functions and objectives of Local Government
  • Composition and structure of Councils
  • Community engagement and consultation
  • Strategic Planning

Elected/Staff Structures
  • Role of Council Members
  • Role of Staff

Services Provided by Councils
  • Mandatory
  • Discretionary


Additional Information

If you are enrolling on someone's behalf, please ensure after selecting 'Book Now' below, you use the first page to enter your details and the second page to enter the Elected Member's details.

The LGA Training Standard is available here.
We encourage you to watch the 'Welcome to Local Government' 2 minute video prior to undertaking this module.



Module 1 - Introduction to Local Government - On-line (2019 - 2020) Available until 31 May 2020