Accelerate Leadership Program for Women

Investment: $1900 + GST (flat right per-person) 
Dates: Friday 13th September 2019 9:30am-4.30pm, Thursday 24th October 2019 9:30am-4.30pm, Friday 25th October 2019 9:30am-4.30pm
Duration: 3 Day Program - Workshop One (full day), followed by Workshop 2 & 3 (full days held on consecutive days one month after Workshop One)
Delivery options: Face-to-face

For: Women who choose to be outstanding leaders

Are you looking for a dynamic approach to building leadership capability and confidence?
The Accelerate Leadership Program is designed for women who want to extend their influence in their current role and/or as a part of preparation for taking the next step in their career.  This three-day program provides a space to clarify strengths and refine leadership skills with a large focus on the application of new insights and learnings back in the workplace.
Undertaking an 'Impactful Leadership 360 Assessment' prior to commencing the first workshop supports the identifying and prioritising of participants strengths and development needs by incorporating feedback provided from their line manager, direct reports, colleagues and clients.
Workshop one:
This workshop outlines a range of best-practice leadership models and frameworks that are recognised for setting leaders up for success in delivering personal and professional outcomes.

Workshops two and three:
These workshops are tailored to participants stated areas of interest and key development areas identified as a part of the group 360 assessment outcomes.

The interactive facilitation style adopts a group coaching approach to encourage the sharing of different perspectives and approaches, maximising the opportunity to learn from each other and to build a professional support network for access during the program and beyond.
Program features:
  • 360 Leadership Assessment and report
  • One-day foundation leadership skills workshop
  • Two-day tailored workshop informed by participants interests and identified areas for development
  • Leadership Development Action Plan
  • Accountability partners to ensure professional goals are progressed post completion of the workshop
  • Six-month follow up webinar to ensure participants remain on track with leadership goals with the opportunity to explore challenges and opportunities experienced.
Examples of learning outcomes from participating in the program include:
Leading with confidence and purpose
  • Heightened self-awareness of individual strengths and areas for development;
  • Developing a growth mindset to maximise personal potential and bring out the best in others;
  • Overcoming self-limiting thoughts and behaviours
Engaging, influencing and motivating others
  • Differentiating between leadership and management
  • Increased understanding of different communication; styles, including strategies to increase assertiveness and negotiating successful outcomes;
  • Giving and receiving effective feedback to encourage others to take ownership and responsibility for their behaviours and actions.
Leading self and others strategically
  • Skills for successfully delegating work to others to increase their capacity to focus on strategic priorities;
  • Knowing when and how to leverage personal and professional networks;
  • Consolidating a leadership brand.
Katheryn Curnow
Insync Organisations
  • Graduate Diploma in Psychology (in progress)
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Graduate Certificate in Gender Mainstreaming Policy and Analysis
  • Certified Coach: NeuroLeadership Institute
Katheryn is skilled at working with aspiring and senior leaders to translate the abundance of research and publications relating to leadership best practice into meaningful action. She has built a reputation as a motivational coach and facilitator who inspires others to make changes in their mindset and behaviours with the aim to realise personal and professional goals.
Why a Women-only program?
Research supports that all-women development programs are invaluable in supporting women to make positive changes. Many women report that they are more at ease practising new skills in women-only environments, and, having challenged workshop setting, they are better able to apply their learning in the workplace.

For further information about holding tailored in-house sessions at your council or at a hub in your region, or for queries about program content please contact Liz O'Flynn at liz.oflynn@lga.sa.gov.au or on 8224 2044.


Accelerate Leadership Program for Women Adelaide - LG House 13 Sep - 25 Oct 2019