Effective Council Decision Making for Elected Members

Duration: 9:30am to 12:30pm 
Delivery Options: LGA, Webinar and Regional – please email Emma Urvan to discuss details

This program is designed to assist Elected Members who wish to enhance and refine their decision making skills.

‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast' - Peter Drucker

Elected Members have the ability to shape the environment in which decisions are made upon which the success of a council depends. Good decision-making is the foundation of a council's success and the only way a council can maximise the probability of achieving its objectives in an increasingly competitive, complex and uncertain world. 

This one-day program provides Elected Members and council staff with the skills, tools and strategies to assist in creating and growing a culture of effective decision-making.

Outcomes of this training include improved council performance for the more effective delivery of community value.

Please note: to attend the full day program which contains strategies and updated knowledge on Council and Committee meeting procedures  for new and existing Elected Members please click the following link 'Council and Committee Meeting Procedures, Chairing Skills and Chamber Etiquette (ADVANCED)' - full day rate applies with discounts for the full program.