Module 3 – Council & Committee Meetings

Duration: 3 hours (1pm-4pm)
Delivery Options: Face to face, webinar and online (available March 2019) 

For: Elected members and council staff

Session Overview:
‘Council & Committee Meetings’ is the third module in a series of four modules that constitute South Australia’s Council Member mandatory training requirements.

The LGA’s ‘Training Standards for Council Members’ is the minimum training requirement for South Australian council members.

Every newly elected council member must meet these requirements within the first 12 months of their four year term.

This session is designed to develop skills and understanding of the structure of council & committee meetings and the formal decision making process. Drawing on the experience of the first couple of council meetings elected members will be given an opportunity to further explore meeting procedures through participation in a mock meeting. 

For further information about holding a session in-house at your council or at a hub in your region please contact Liz O'Flynn at liz.oflynn@lga.sa.gov.au or on 8224 2044.


Upcoming Dates

EM - Module 3 – Council & Committee Meetings Adelaide - LG House 29 Aug 2019