Wellbeing and Resilience

Duration: 2 days
Investment: TBA
Delivery: Face 2 Face


Target Audience

Council staff who see the importance in developing wellbeing and resilience



This course will assist council staff interested in learning about positive psychology and fostering wellbeing and resilience. Participants will gain an understanding of strategies to improve wellbeing in themselves and others based on positive psychology research.

In line with the recommendations from Professor Martin Seligman 2013 Thinker in Residence, this workshop uses the PERMA + framework to explore applications and practical strategies underpinned by research, for building wellbeing and creating flourishing people and workplaces.
  • Positive emotion has a strengthening effect on our brains and bodies, helps broaden our perspectives and build psychological resources
  • Engagement is the connection we have with activity or environment. Drawing on research from strengths we look at strategies to increase engagement.
  • Relationships matter, and we will practice an evidence based strategy for building positive relationships and strengthening connections.
  • Meaning is something we create and this workshop will look at ways to increase connection to values and living with a sense of purpose
  • Accomplishment, mastery, competence and achievement have strong links to wellbeing and we explore mindset and systems to promote accomplishment. 


Key Learnings

  • An introduction to wellbeing and skills in developing positive emotion
  • Developing engagement
  • Developing positive relationships
  • Connecting to meaning
  • Developing accomplishment and developing resilience and optimism


Additional Information

For further information about the content of this program or to enquire about having this program brought ‘In-House’ to your council or to a ‘Council Hub’ near you please contact LGA Training on 8224 2000 or at training@lga.sa.gov.au.