Value Proposition


Our Mission

The LGA’s Education & Training Service is one of the many LGA’s Member Services, designed to support the needs of Members. Our aim is to promote, facilitate, enhance and make accessible education and training activities, opportunities and products for the Local Government sector in South Australia.



We offer training in response to the needs from the sector are added and training is developed on; changes through to legislation, regulations, codes of conduct and associated issues.

We contract some of the best and most recognised individuals and organisations in preparing and presenting our broad suite of training courses.

Many of the courses offered are in response to legislative changes and requirements and others are to assist Council employees with their day-to-day tasks. All are contextualised to the needs of the sector and delivered by qualified and highly experience trainers.


Key Goals

- Access to the best trainers and guest speakers, fully conversant with the context of the Local Government sector in South Australia

- An extensive regional training program that aims to reduce the time and costs associated with attending training in Adelaide (where financially viable).

- Flexible delivery methodologies and use of emerging technologies across our suite of training courses

- Customised courses developed to meet your councils needs

- Access to the latest research and legislative changes throughout the drafting process, enabling early training program development

- High energy, creative and helpful staff willing to assist with any query

- Extend mutual courtesy and respect with dealing with us


You Can Help Us If You

- Tell us if you experience difficulty or dissatisfaction with our services

- Provide feedback as to how we may improve our service delivery standards