Policies and Terms of Conditions


Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be received in writing/email a minimum of five (5) working days prior to the conduct of the event or payment will be forfeited. Should a person that has nominated to attend a course or forum be unable to do so, councils are encouraged to send a substitute. Fees charged for unattended sessions will be available to be utilised (to the same dollar value) within one year of the conduct of the event.


Regional Training

Regional training will include additional fees for presenter travel/accommodation costs. These fees will be divided up between each participant and included on your invoice. (e.g. Total travel costs of $350, divided by 10 participants, will be an additional $35 per participant for the course)


Regional Update for Councils

The LGA Education & Training team has recently established a new policy for notifying regional Councils when a session is in danger of being cancelled, 10 days prior to the course being run.

The team is aware that implementation of our cancelation policy may lead to problems with refunds associated with travel and accommodation arrangements. We recommend the booking of flexible fares/arrangements where possible.