Face-to-face and webinar training on offer for the Elected Member Leadership Development Program

This program is a series of professional development opportunities for continuing and newly Elected Members. 


Public life places obligations on Elected Members to understand the wider issues associated with their role so that they meet community expectations. Please see below for a list of professional development opportunities for continuing and newly Elected Members


Each course listed provides the opportunity to "Book Now" to attend if a session is scheduled or to "Express your interest here" through the buttons found at the bottom of each program page. When sufficient expressions of interest are received for a course you will be notified of upcoming session date/s and offered the opportunity to register.


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Elected Member Leadership – Mandatory Training (face-to-face/webinar)

Module 2: Legal Responsibilities (face-to-face/webinar)

Module 4: Financial Management and Reporting (face-to-face/webinar)



Express your interest


Building Knowledge

Tourism and Councils


Elected Member Leadership – Introduction

Elected Members Leadership Session


Elected Member Leadership – Mandatory Training (face-to-face/webinar)

Module 1: Introduction to Local Government (face-to-face/webinar)

Module 3: Council and Committee Meetings (face-to-face/webinar)

Elected Member Leadership – Introduction

Mayors’ and Chairpersons’ Leadership Session


Leadership Skills Development

Media Skills for Mayors and Chairpersons

Reputation and Media for Elected Members

Policy Development and Strategic Thinking

Community Engagement for Elected Members

CEO Performance Management

Building Effective Relationships

Emotional Intelligence 101 for Elected Members

Public Speaking

Strategy and Risk Management

Negotiating and Influencing Skills

Dispute Resolution


Roles and Responsibilities – Deep Dives

Audit Committees - General Overview

Audit Committees - for Audit Committee Members

Code of Conduct

Conflict of Interest

Council/Committee Meeting Procedures, Chairing Skills and Chamber Etiquette for Elected Members  

Fraud and Corruption

Information Management for Elected Members - Part 1: Securing the Digital Highway

Information Management for Elected Members - Part 2: Social Media Etiquette & Branding


Building Knowledge

Planning Act Essentials

Council Assessment Panel            

Economic Development - Nurturing your Local Economy

Public Health and Community Well-Being

Emergency Management


Please note: For further information about program content, to discuss your councils elected member training plan needs or to discuss the option of bringing training to your council or to your region please contact training@lga.sa.gov.au or on 8224 2035.