2018 Council Election Training Offerings


Based on an innovative culture change model, the LGA’s Learning and Development Program is designed to assist staff and Elected Members through the different phases of the elections; guidance and engagement of key staff in elections preparation, informing and engaging candidates, supporting newly elected members with informative and engaging mandatory training and on-going support and professional development for elected members beyond induction.



This program includes a range of nationally accredited and non-accredited training to support sector morale and provide peer support. Please see offerings below:


Pre-Election Training
Mandatory Training
On Going Support Offerings

Please Note: if you would like to discuss further details on any of the above training offerings or to enquire about a regional and in-house session or what is being offereed online and via webinar for your council please email Emma Urvan at emma.urvan@lga.sa.gov.au or on 08 8224 2035.