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The Elected Member Leadership Development Program is a series of professional development opportunities for continuing and newly elected members, designed specifically for the local government sector in South Australia.


This program has been informed by member’s feedback. It focuses on the importance of strengthening leadership capability and includes information about effective methods to engage elected members in the early days and months of their council term. The program provides elected members with a greater understanding of their roles and responsibilities and offers pathways to develop their skills and leadership effectiveness.


Included in the program are the four modules that constitute South Australia’s Elected Member mandatory training requirements. These requirements are set out in the ‘LGA Training Standards for Council Members’.  Every newly elected member must meet the requirements of the ‘Standard’ within the first 12 months of their four year term. The ‘Standard’ also recommends that continuing members complete refresher training in Module 2: ‘Legal Responsibilities’ (which will include the nature of the latest legislative changes) and Module 4: ‘Financial Management and Reporting’, to ensure competency. 


LGA Training offer four distinct delivery methods to access these modules.


  1. Face-to-face - Each module has been scheduled at Local Government House from August 2019 to September 2019. The modules are no more than three hours in duration and you can register to attend any by completing an online registration form here.
  2. Webinar - Each module scheduled for the face-to-face method above can be viewed via webinar at the time  and you can register for access by completing an online registration form here. Please note: If you intend attending via webinar, in addition to registration, please send your contact details and the name of the session you wish to attend i.e. 'Module 1: Introduction to Local Government' to: webinar@lga.sa.gov.au
  3. Online - Each module is now available to be accessed online.  Please complete an online registration form contained here for an automated email to be forwarded containing login details to access the online module content. These sessions vary in time but can be accessed at a time that suits you.
  4. In-House and Hub Training - LGA Training will coordinate trainers to come to your council (in-house). Efficiencies can be achieved when training is delivered to two or more councils at a mutually agreed location (hub training). It is recommended that the four modules be delivered over two days i.e. Module 1 & 2 (day one) and Module 3 & 4 (day two) however, LGA Training are happy to discuss other options to suit your training needs. Click here to express your interest for In-House and Hub Training options.

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